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Tyvek® Expansion Booklet Envelopes with Kwik-Tak® Front

12 x 16 x 2" Tyvek® Expansion Booklet Envelopes

The ultimate in durability, that is lightweight, resists punctures and tears, and is moisture resistant. Perfect for shipping your bulkiest materials and features a convenient Kwik-Tak® pressure sensitive seal that opens on the long side. Tyvek® is manufactured from white spunbonded olefin and is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation.

12 x 16 x 2 - 18 Tyvek Open Side Expansion Booklet Kwik-Tak


1 Box $163.44/box
2 Boxes $157.73/box
3 Boxes $152.48/box
4 Boxes $152.48/box
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Product Details

SKU 5388
Color Bright White Spun Bonded Olefin
Size 12" x 16"
Paper Weight 18lb.
Machine Insertable No
Recycled No
Sealing Method Pressure Sensitive/Kwik-Tak
Flap Flap Down
Seam Center Seam
Tyvek® Expansion Booklet Envelopes with Kwik-Tak® Front

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