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Digital Products

Digital printing is undoubtedly a nimble, profitable way to get results for your customers while earning more for your business. All of our digital envelope products are designed for trouble-free use in most high-resolution laser printers, copiers and digital presses.

Digi-Clear® Windows Collection

A window designed for high-temperature equipment that stays clear without shrinkage, wrinkling or distortion. In fact, it's so clear that readability and scanability of addresses and barcodes is better than any other existing window film in the marketplace.

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Laid Finish Digi-Clear® Window

A complete line of distinguished laid pattern products. These envelopes are made from a high quality recycled paper with an imaging finish and a consistent, parallel laid pattern. We us straight-grain cutting to eliminate curl, providing superior quality.

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Western Bond® Digi-Clear® Window

A line of 25% cotton content products with archival quality and a watermark. Available in a 93% white, 98% bright white and cream, these lines are manufactured using a straight-grain cut sheet with precise moisture control that reduces static and offers easy transport through laser and non-impact printing equipment.

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Antique Linen® Digi-Clear® Windows

A complete line of elegant, embossed linen products. Antique Linen is an acid free, recycled paper with a consistent parallel linen pattern. Western States uses straight-grain cutting to eliminate curl, providing superior quality.

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Western Fiber-Added™ Digi-Clear® Window

A complete line of light fiber-enhanced products colored in soft hues taken from nature. Western Fiber-Added is a high quality acid free recycled paper with an imaging finish. Note: Due to presence of fiber, these envelopes may not meet the USPS print contrast ratio for automation discounts.

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Digi-Clear® Booklet and Catalog Window

These SFI certified window envelopes are manufactured with a Digi-Clear window and a traditional remoistening seal. These envelopes are laser and toner based compatible.

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